Bundle Deals Starting at $195


How many bundles do i need?
-A full sew in will require 3-4 bundles. Partial sew in's will require 2-3 bundles.
*Remember the longer the hair, more bundles are required
Can the hair be bleached or dyed?
-Yes the hair can be bleached or dyed. NO harsh bleaching, you will damage the hair. 
How long does the hair last?
-Hair can last up to 2 + years with the proper care.
What can I wash the hair with?
-Sulfate free shampoo is always the bet choice.
Can the Curly Textures be straightened?
-Yes all textures can be straightened to desired style.
Will my texture revert back to natural when wet?
-Yes our bundles will revert back to natural curl pattern.
 How do I maintain my bundles?
- Sulfate free shampoo is always the best route.Rinse with Lukewarm water. Detangle with Wide Tooth Comb and Let hair air dry for best results.